Myotherapy (muscular therapy) aims to increase strength, improve flexibility and decrease pain.

Myotherapy is a hands treatment of muscle tension and pain to actively and passively manipulate muscles, releasing tense muscles and fascia (tissue that covers muscle), by way of trigger point identification and manipulation, coupled with stretching to release tight muscles. Patients are similarly educated on muscle imbalances and provided with follow up exercises to help with recovery.

All patients are assessed to ensure an accurate treatment plan is identified, and may include further referral, if indicated. Most importantly the treatment plan allows for regular measurement of continued improvement in pain management, movement or other identified progresses like better sleep, less stress. The assessment involves postural and movement observations, muscle and joint testing.

As well as soft tissue massage/manipulation other treatments may include dry needling and ROCK taping (special tape to help with the body’s movements for power, healing, improve performance ).

Common conditions that respond well to Myotherapy include:
• overuse injuries (tennis elbow, golfers elbow),
• muscle strains and soreness after sport or work,
• chronic diseases causing postural imbalances,
• TMJ (jaw pain that may also present as headache)
• Sports related injuries-ankle and Achilles tendonopathy, hamstrings, knee, back and hip.

Myotherapy can also improve sporting performance like your golf swing, help with pregnancy related muscle pain.


John Ielo – Myotherapist

Contact John: 0438 781 137


John-Ielo Myotherapist Daylesford OsteopathyMyotherapy is an advanced form of massage and treatments typically includes:

-Assess the dysfunction of the body.

-Alleviate pain.

-Guide postural improvements.

Having worked with professional sports people, special needs children, corporate massage, injury rehabilitation, wellness clinics and spas, John is equipped with experience and up to date knowledge.

A member of the Aust. Association of Massage therapists, his work is recognised by Australian health funds.








Erin Richardson – Myotherapist

Contact Erin:  0428 542 454


Erin Richardson Myotherapist Daylesford OsteopathyErin brings over 18 years’ experience in health care to Daylesford Osteopathy and Myotherapy.Her many years of nursing and Myotherapy bring a unique combination, allowing her not only to help people move pain free, she sees the person as a whole and often supporting patients navigate the health care system with sound knowledge and advice.

Erin is a member of the Institute of Registered Myotherapy (IRMA)

Erin is available Tuesdays and Thursdays

Private Health Fund rebates available

45 minute appointments